Salon Hours

Tuesday9am - 8pm
Wednesday9am - 6pm
Thursday9am - 8pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday9am - 6pm


"A garden is a restorative sanctuary for the body, mind and spirit. A garden, whether it houses vegetables, herbs, or flowers, nourishes us by awakening our senses. A garden bursts with vibrant color, rich taste, and abundant scents. A garden reconnects us to the earth when our hands sift and prod through soil. A garden is all encompassing."

Welcome to Mystic Garden Spa and Salon.

At Mystic Garden Spa and Salon, the same love and attention has cultivated our atmosphere. From our carefully chosen colors, to the aromatherapeutic scents. Our services and products are designed with the intention of nurturing the spirit and restoring balance of life.


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